Hire Equipment Declaration

  • All hire equipment requires a £25.00 returnable deposit (a separate deposit is required for each item hired).
  • Hire equipment bookings are only accepted if accompanied by a completed booking form and deposit. NO TELEPHONE BOOKINGS WILL BE ACCEPTED.
  • All hire equipment can be collected after 11.30am (Tuesday 3pm) on the day of hire but must be returned not later than 10.30am (Tuesday 2.30pm) on the day of return. Failure to comply with this will result in forfeit of deposit.
  • If equipment is damaged, broken or parts missing, in any way this will result in the forfeit of deposit.
  • If your organisation continually abuses the hire equipment service then they may be refused the hire of equipment in future. 

* Hire Equipment refers to the piece of equipment, tools and accessories including bag/box etc.